The World goes open Source

Posted by Argha Sen on March 23, 2009
As the days in NITR's spring semester roll on,we get more and more engulfed in the thrill-a-minute ride of tech fest and spring fest,we rarely get the time to think and retrospect about the days that fly so fast.
We rarely keep in touch with the advance of technology,especially the field of computing that takes rapid strides. The past month has seen quite a few breathtaking events in the computing world.
The open source movement continues on its momentum and is pushing hard for its share in the computing world, the last few months have shown some great prospects. Firstly the Intrepid Ibex of Ubuntu allowed installing Linux on a NTFS file system as a program in windows,making it a lucrative option for people who have so far not installed Linux for the sole reason of having to format a hard disk with ext2/3 and such people are quite a few.
Secondly, another open source movement KDE has made it's footholds stronger in windows with a latest stable release for windows,on the 13 th of January,2009.Now Windows has completion inside it.
Next up in open source is Brittanica, who have now allowed the users to edit the materials on their encyclopadea due to the growing competition from Wikipadea .
The hardware industry saw a great phenomenon as AMD's Phenom II became the first quad core to break into the 6.5 GHz domain in real world performance,making it the fastest processor on earth.
On the other end in software industry, Microsoft Windows 7 beta has evolved unprecedented response as downloads are in record numbers. However the report Windows is being infected by the Vista viruses has also taken the community by storm.
The next few weeks are going to be really exciting, in the computing world and and we wait as the next generation of computing unfolds right in front of our eyes