Do I know??

Posted by Argha Sen on March 3, 2013
"If we knew what we were doing,it wont be called Research"-Albert Einstein.
I saw it one fine day, walking down the road in 2010 in NIT Rourkela , one of the many quotes that are on the painted placards,a thing that always pleased.
Initially it was met with a bit of laughter,as often happened in company of Kamaljeet Singh,Vivek Bhatt and Ankur Samantara,in fact it turned into a joke on Kamaljeet.And as it happens with us,it was forgotten and lost in the sands of time.
 It was 2012,I had been an intern in CISCO for quite some time, posted picture on Facebook, with some code running in the background,about which I had no idea,so when someone asked about it, in a sudden flash of mind,came the answer, an improvised version of Einstein's quote.I felt I had finally understood why he had said it.

Cut to 2013,a few days back, working on my Masters project, with Prabal Ghosh,on a problem that we got a week before,but as engineers it is a crime to work before submission date,as work went into the night,doubts crept in,got reworked,before all of a sudden he commented out "Why the hell are we doing this? I cant see how all this models and mathematics is leading us to the solution",a statement made in complete consciousness, by a nocturnal creature,Einstein's quote came back flashing.I had got a new meaning of it,probably he was also flustered by the lack of progress.

Why I made this post,mostly because the quote seems to come back to me,after seemingly long periods of time,partly because I am free on a sunday morning, and in a slight grain of mind I dont know why?

PS:- If you all have seen this post,feel ill at ease with the number of commas,long sentences,that is due to me reading Mortimer Adler last night.