Moving to a new DomainName with Godaddy

Posted by Argha Sen on August 22, 2015

Now that I had started the migration to Jekyll and Github, the next sensible thing to do seemed like getting a new domain for the blog. I had not expected to get a .com domain, hence when Sonal Raj suggested it I brushed it off. However he searched for it and viola we found it.So I decided to buy it and GoDaddy worked like a charm. The pricing didn’t match what they advertised in the tin but still good enough. The beauty was the easy pointing of the domain to my github site and the quick nameserver sync. Everything was done in 10 minutes and I was blown off at the ease of use of the platform.

The search for tools to blog with gave quite a few good suggestions but here I am using my trusted vim to write this post. I am not yet fully comfortable with the markdown syntax but it’s easy enough to learn on as I go ahead. And so the journey begins…